Alanya Ultra

Alanya Ultra Marathon is a tough international sport organization which you’ll definitely enjoy every moment with the slogan of “ From Tradition to Future on the Footsteps of Yuruks to the Peak of Taurus”.

Besides being a sport organization by having cultural and historical traces in and being one of the sports of future Alanya Ultra Marathon has traces from tradition and future. In addition to the longest route of Alanya Ultra Marathon which is 72K, a 48K Taurus Mountain Marathon, a 28K Kayqubad Mountain Run and 15K Alaiye races will be held.

‘’Following the footsteps of Yuruks to the peak of Taurus'', but why?

Yuruks and Ultra Marathon runners have many common and similar characteristics.

Name of Yuruks derives from walking in Turkish. Yuruk also means brave, warrior, good walking and healthy.

Ultra marathon runners are strong and fit as well.

Yuruks have been living as nomads for centuries. The property and pottery they need for their living is carried just by few draught animals. Although their purpose is to find grassland for their animals, they have free and athletic lifestyle.


From this point of view Yuruks and ultra marathon runners have common characteristics. Ultra marathon runners carry their equipment and food with themselves for hours during challenging competitions. In addition, ultra marathon runners enjoy pushing the limits and are nature lovers free spirited.

We connect a bod between the lifestyle of Yuruks and philosophy of ultra marathon runners. By following the paths of Yuruks, historical caravan routes, we start out our delighting and never a dull moment journey.

Recalling the saying of Yuruks “If edict is of the Sultan, we have the mountains” we challenge the mountains and the limits by competing in Alanya Ultra Marathon.


1 Day 4 Seasons


Alanya is one of the rare areas that you can experience 4 seasons at the same day. Especially during the spring time you can both swim and sunbathe at the coasts and ski up on the snow covered Taurus Mountains. You have many options: A single day/4 seasons. If you think about which season you shall choose, we recommend you to choose all. At some point you will not have to wait for moths to change the seasons.

Our aim is to make the participants of Alanya Ultra Marathon to experience 4 seasons in one day. While city center is 20-25C, highest part of the mountains is 8-10C at the end of March. Ultra marathon runners will experience the 10-15 heat difference due to 1500 meters altitude change at the 32nd kilometre of the route. This altitude change will give you the opportunity to run on the snow between 31st-32nd kilometers and on the beach between 60th-62nd kilometres.

“Come and get your place at the start line in Alanya Ultra Marathon at the end of March. Enjoy the caravan routes which are witnessed the thousands of years’ civilisation by running On the Footsteps of Yuruks to the Peak of Taurus.”